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Chatsworth Parent Group

What sets Chatsworth apart from other international schools is the family-friendly atmosphere found within its corridors. The Chatsworth Parent Group (CPG) believes that each family at Chatsworth plays a unique role in building a strong school community. Every Chatsworth parent is considered a member of the CPG and is always welcome and encouraged to get involved in school activities and events throughout the year as much as they like or are able to. Here are some examples of events with which parents may want to participate:

- CPG Coffee Mornings
- Chinese New Year
- Library Assistance
- Class Parent
- United Nations Day
- School Musical
- Field Trips
- Seasonal Shows and Performances
- Spring Fair
- Special Projects
and more...

"Our mission is to bring together students, teachers, parents and guardians to create a harmonious school community by offering support for academic and social events." 

We warmly welcome parents to our community, and please feel free to get in touch with the CPG at any time.