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Vision, Mission, Values & Culture

Chatsworth is a friendly, welcoming school serving a diverse multi-national community. It provides a holistic education for students leading to internationally accredited qualifications.

Our Vision

We are an internationally-minded community collaborating to provide a holistic learning experience. We value each individual and empower them to find their purpose in the wider world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to Inspire, Educate & Enlighten

• Motivate students to meet challenges with confidence and enthusiasm

• Encourage students to become passionate, life-long learners

• Provide all students with a balanced education

• Nurture inquiry-based learning in the context of a changing world

• Foster the development of principled and caring global citizens

• Empower students to become thinkers and problem solvers

• Engage the local and wider community through meaningful partnerships

Our Values, Culture and Beliefs

• Our school is a diverse, internationally-minded community of learners

• The IB Learner Profile is at the centre of our learning experience

• We strive for personal and academic success for all

• We encourage honesty, respect and compassion

• All members of our community have a right to be heard and valued

• We provide a safe school environment