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Academic Results

Congratulations to our class of 2019 for their outstanding results in the IB Diploma examinations. Chatsworth International School has achieved 100% pass rate with the highest score being 44 points, followed by 41 points in the second position. With our school average at 36 points, it is way above the world average of 29.63 points by 6.37 points. With their remarkable results, the cohort of graduates have been accepted and/or matriculated into competitive universities globally. See Where Our graduates Go.

Congratulations to our Year 11 (MYP5) students who have performed exceptionally well in the IB MYP eAssessment 2019. Our top score is 52 points out of the maximum 56 points, attained by three students. The school average is 44 points, which is way above the worldwide average of 36.26 for 2018 (figures for 2019 are not available yet).