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Learning Support

It is the fundamental policy of Chatsworth that the utmost priority should be given to setting and achieving high academic standards. Every student should be challenged to reach the highest standards of which s/he is capable. At the same time we must recognise that individual academic potential varies tremendously and we must also ensure that we set realistic and attainable targets for our students. The key is to know our students so well that we can accurately gauge what each student can achieve, giving encouragement and motivation to strive for the best possible level. 

All students have the right to feel safe, supported and included at school. Chatsworth provides learning support for students at the Primary and Secondary levels. Our teachers are expected to differentiate within their classroom to accommodate for a variety of needs. Needs are met wherever possible within the classroom for students with assessed learning needs. Our Learning Support Coordinator, Ms. Mallach, liaises with teachers, parents, students, and with specialists within the community as appropriate. If needs emerge which are beyond the resources that the school can provide, a more appropriate educational setting will be recommended.

Ms. Beverley Mallach is originally from South Africa. She has taught in South Africa, London and Singapore. She holds a higher Diploma in Education, Qualified Teacher Status in the UK and has an Honours Degree in Barriers To learning. Beverley has been working with students who have barriers to learning for the last 11 years. She brings to Chatsworth a wealth of knowledge and uses her experience to help students understand how they learn best and develop confidence in their own abilities.