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Primary Assessment and Reporting

At Chatsworth, assessment is integral to all teaching and learning. Assessment thoughtfully and effectively guides children to understand concepts, acquire knowledge, master skills and take responsible action on their learning. The assessment focuses on the quality of student learning during the process of inquiry and instruction and on the quality of the products of learning. 

Using a range of formative assessment strategies, our teachers understand their students’ needs and skills, to ensure academic and personal success. To provide a unit-by-unit overview of how your child has been progressing through the academic school year, reporting is electronically available through ManageBac after each unit of inquiry is completed.

A full report card is available twice a year, once before the winter vacation and again on the last day of the school year. After you receive the reports, you are of course more than welcome to meet with your child’s teacher to discuss any questions you may have about your child’s progress. We have two Three Way Parent Teacher Student Conferences, one in Semester 1 and one Semester 2. In Semester 2 we have a Student Led Conference where each student can talk about their learning journey with their parents.