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Secondary Assessment and Reporting

Students are awarded a semester grade in each subject, based on the IB 1-7 scale.  These grades are communicated through end-of-semester reports that are mailed to parents/guardians. In addition, a mid-semester progress report is issued shortly before each parent-teacher conference to communicate progress up to-date. For MYP students these mid-semester reports will include levels on the four criteria for each subject; for DP students they will include an overall 1-7 grade. Note that only semester grades are recorded onto a student’s permanent record (ie. transcripts for Years 10-13 (Grades 9-12).

In addition to achievement grades, students are also assessed and self-assessed on five skill categories from the IB approaches to learning (ATLs): Communication, Social, Self-Management, Research and Thinking. Methods of assessment on the ATLs vary between subjects and are communicated by departments and teachers. This is reported through written teacher comments each semester as well as students’ own writing on their achievement against personal ATL goals.

We also have two Parent/Student/Teacher (PSTCs) Conferences yearly where the reports and student progress can be discussed, as with students’ goals and strengths. Classes are not held on conference days so that teachers can confer with parents and students.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to contact the school at any time to discuss the student’s progress or any problems or queries. Normally, the first person to contact is the homeroom teacher, who can then liaise with other teachers as necessary.