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University Advising

Chatsworth believes in a student-centered approach with the college/university process. Students are expected to take control of searching for universities, completing and submitting applications by posted deadlines, paying application fees, making decisions driving the process forward, signing up for standardised tests, and ultimately making an acceptance choice. Oftentimes the family will play a role in decision making; however, the process will enable students to develop a sense of autonomy and responsibility.

There are many variables to consider which are more important, such as size, location, costs, and course offerings and more importantly, if they will literally fit in. They should also consider what exactly they need and want out of a post-secondary education. Chatsworth has a University Advisor who will guide, counsel, probe, refer, suggest, and inform students so that they can better make a more informed decision when searching and applying to universities.

Year 11 Year 12 Year 13

August - May
College/Uni Visits 
Attend university representative lunch visits. These may be virtual or on campus. 

Discover your strengths with Cialfo's self-assessment tasks.

IBDP Course Selection
Select classes while considering what you may want to study in university. If you are unsure of your major, that's OK too.

August - May
College/Uni Visits 
Attend university representative lunch visits. These may be virtual or on campus. 

Post Secondary Packet 
Complete UCAS, resume/CV, and Post Secondary Form.

February - March
Meet with your university advisor to discuss post-secondary plans and Post Secondary Form must be completed prior to scheduled meeting. 

March - May
Attend all uni seminars during Year 12 advisory or pastoral.

May - June
Letter of Recommendation
Approach leaving teachers and ask if they would be willing to write a university recommendation.

June - August
Summer Work
Thoroughly research universities and post secondary options (application timelines, requirements, majors, course offerings, etc.) going beyond ranking and name.

Consider unique opportunities such as volunteering, internships, university visits, academic/enrichment programmes, travel, and quality time with family.

Complete your UCAS personal statement draft; Common App essay draft.

Plan ahead for any standardised testing. Research the deadlines and register online for all required standardised testing (e.g. SAT, ACT, IELTS, UK entrance exams).

August - September
Attend all uni seminars during Year 13 advisory or pastoral. 

Meet with your university advisor to discuss options for university, gap year, etc.; review requirements, deadlines, and review safety, target, and reach 

Standardised Testing
Research the deadlines and register online for all required standardised testing (e.g. SAT, ACT, IELTS, UK entrance exams). Check your university application requirements. 

August - October
Personal Statement & Essay
Meet with your university advisor to get feedback on your personal statement or essay. 

Teacher Recommendation Requests Due for USA Early Decision (ED I/II), Early Acceptance (EA), and Priority Applicants 
Speak with the teacher in person. Pick up a Recommendation Form from your university advisor. See your university advisor for his signature, and submit the form to the teacher writing your letter.

Application Deadline For Cambridge Applicants hoping to be Interviewed in Singapore. 

IB Predicted Grades Available 
Discuss with your university advisor how they may or may not change your current post secondary plans. 

UCAS Deadline
15 October is the deadline for Oxford and Cambridge's (UK) medical and veterinary programmes. 

Australian Applicants (Internationals)
Applications open which are submitted directly to the university, using your predicted grades and hoping for conditional offers. 

Hong Kong Applicants
Open enrolment begins. Double check for exact due dates.

Singapore Applicants
Open enrolment begins. Double check for exact due dates.

USA Deadlines
Early Decision I, Early Acceptance, Priority, and University of California, University of Washington applications due. Students MUST send standardised test scores before the university application deadline.

Transcript Requests Due
High School Transcript request form due for all universities with deadlines through January (Canada, Hong Kong, KAIST & SNU, USA). 

November - December
Standardised Test Scores
Student requests to send official copies of standardised test scores via CollegeBoard, ACT, IELTS, and TOEFL.

Canadian Applicants
Open enrolment begins. Double check for exact due dates.

USA Deadline
Early Decision II

USA Passport and Green Card Holders Can Begin FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
This application is required to be considered for financial aid. 

UCAS Deadline
15 January is the deadline for all remaining programmes, except for art and design courses.

Mid Year Reports
Requests for updated transcript (mid year report) with 1st semester grades to be sent to Canadian, Hong Kong, USA and other universities which students have currently applied.

Stay Strong!
Take a deep breath and focus on your schoolwork to maintain your grades, and focus on IB exams. Don't forget to stay committed to all your co-curricular activities too. 

Update admissions decisions/notifications in Cialfo for ALL applications and share the news with your university advisor. 

UCAS Deadline
24 March is the deadline for art and design courses.

Korean, Japanese, and Indian University Applicants
Submit a High School Transcript Request Form. Also, provide the teacher and/or university advisor with the university-specific forms when available. 

Deadline to submit deposit to USA university acceptance of your choice.

All UK universities should have replied to you by now.

Final deadline to choose firm and insurance choices.


IB Scores
Officially issued by IBO. Results will be sent to the universities you indicated before the school year ended.

August - September (after you've graduated)
Australian Deadlines
Double check for exact Australian application due dates, which are submitted directly to the university or via regional admissions centres for a typical February semester one start. Offers will be announced around late November. 

Chatsworth students apply to universities worldwide. This is a general timeline and is not inclusive of all possible dates and deadlines. Specific dates for seminars, upcoming uni visits, etc. will be shared with students through this site and our Daily Chatter.

Requests for transcripts, recommendations, etc. need to be submitted at least three weeks before the deadline.

University Visits and Fairs

We share  information of upcoming university visits and education fairs either on campus or at specific locations in Singapore through the students' University Advising Google Classroom and Cialfo, our online university research and application platform

Virtual and on-campus visits are usually scheduled during lunch. Off-campus visits are held at other international schools, convention centres, or institutions. Chatsworth does not endorse any particular college or university. We welcome visits from around the world to share their programmes. Most visits, in fact, are initiated by the university and are scheduled based on availability. We believe students at Chatsworth will be able to make well-informed decisions as they explore specific universities, the programmes universities offer, and the countries these universities represent; all this is in addition to their independent research.

Other Useful Information


For forms relating to university advising, login to download.


Registering, paying, and completing all required tests are the responsibility of the student. When researching universities, note which specific tests are part of the application process. Register early as spaces may fill up quickly. 

Take one or the other. Most USA universities accept either. 

If you are starting university in September 2016, then take the old SAT test; if starting university in September 2017, then you may take the old or new SAT test. If you do not want to be a guinea pig, then simply take the ACT, which many schools are encouraging. Pick a copy of SAT and SAT Subject Tests info booklets outside the IB Office.

SAT Test Dates 

Did you know Khan Academy has a free tutorial for the old and new SAT?

ACT Test Dates

Some countries may require you to take an English proficiency test. Check with your university as to which test they prefer. 

IELTS at the British Council



Here are some important websites you will visit regularly during the university application process. 

UCAS is for UK universities only. Upon first time registration, the buzzword to connect with Chatsworth is ‘enlighten’.

Common App is mostly for USA universities, and you must link your Common App account to to Cialfo.


Foreign students usually require a student visa in order to study overseas. The links provided offer information on how to obtain a student visa at some of the more common study destinations.  

Australia: online
Canada: videoonline
United Kingdom: videoonline
United States of America: videoonline

Chatsworth's Response to Covid-19

In April and May 2020 the Singapore Ministry of Education required schools to switch to distance learning as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic.