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Another Year of Excellent MYP Results

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

We are delighted to announce that our Year 11 (MYP5) students performed exceptionally well in their IB MYP eAssessment for the May 2019 exam session. Our top score is 52 points out of the maximum 56 points, attained by three students, namely Ori Mizrahi, Usman Saleim and Miyo Takabayashi. The school average is 44 points, which is way above the worldwide average of 36.26 for 2018 (figures for 2019 are not available at the time of this article). A high 93% of our students have successfully earned a formal MYP certificate.

More achievements from the cohort include the following:

  • Chatsworth average subject grade is 5.45 (out of the maximum 7)
  • For Personal Project (a compulsory component for all MYP students worldwide), Chatsworth’s average grade is 5.18 while the worldwide average is 3.78

In the MYP eAssessment, students' work is assessed in two ways:

  • ePortfolios of coursework, including a compulsory ePortfolio for the personal project
  • on-screen examinations, with each exam lasting two hours

Chatsworth is presently one of the select few international schools in Singapore to have our students sit for the full MYP eAssessment and one of 819 schools worldwide registering candidates for the 2019 session.

Congratulations to all students for the fantastic results!