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Book Week Highlights

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The week-long celebration of reading and writing, authors and books at Chatsworth held in March might be over. The significance of this yearly event termed Book Week resonates down the whole school. The value, joy and potential of reading as a tool for imagination and enlarging one's world is simply incredible.

We fondly recapitulate some highlights of Book Week 2019.

Unique Book Tasting

Introduced into the second year, a Book Tasting Bistro for our junior years students was tastefully carried out. Set in an Italian dining ambience, a nicely designed menu and cutlery served as an accompaniment to the very core product or experience in question - the books. Students were seated around the long table and would taste a new book selected from the menu. They were given three minutes to analyse the cover, read the blurb and read a few pages and get a "flavour" of it. Thereafter, students shared and explained to the class the genre of the book, one sentence what it was about, and why they did or did not like it. If they did not like the book, they had to explain what kind of reader would like it and why. It was rewarding to see how students knew the reading preferences of their peers and could name students whom they could recommend the book to. Students who liked the book they had "tasted", could borrow the book. 

Inspiring 'Human Books'

The school had the privilege of "borrowing" the Singapore Slingers. Three players from the team shared the importance of being team players and talked about role models that influenced their path to be professional athletes. Afterwards, our junior years students had fun with them by shooting hoops. The human library is a concept that began in Denmark in 2000 and is now widely organised around the world. In a human library, real people are turned into "human books" on loan to readers as they give readers the opportunity to listen to their stories first-hand. Other human books that had been borrowed include Alexander de Leon from Facebook and Georg Gandenberger from the banking corporate world.

Enjoyable Buddy Reading

During buddy reading sessions, the secondary students read a story with younger primary students in their own comfort. Buddy reading is a fun and great way to not only inspire love of reading by students for students but allow friendships and bonds to be formed or strengthened. Such wonderful sights and experiences are but one of plenty within our close-knit community.

Exciting Authors' Talks

The school organised various authors visits who gave engaging talks to students. Authors included Kes Gray who hails from UK, Neil Humphreys, and Maureen Yeo, amongst a few others. Special thanks goes to National Arts Council Singapore for partnering Chatsworth and making some of these visits possible.

Book Character Parade

A culmination of activities organised as part of Book Week, students and teachers were dressed as book characters or authors of their favourite books. The entire campus came alive with a congregation of all sorts of characters from the literary world. The amazing book character parade that took place on a Friday aptly wrapped up the celebration of a much-loved Book Week.

Other exciting activities included mystery gift boxes, door decorating competitions and classroom activities such as bookmark colouring and more. At Chatsworth, it is always lovely to see our primary students immerse in book reading during our Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) session each and every day.