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In our friendly and nurturing school environment that provides a right at home feel, Chatsworth value and respect each individual, no matter which part of the world they hail from. Very often, you will hear someone commenting that 'everyone knows everyone at Chatsworth' and this is in part owing to the size of our school but not without the camaraderie that has been fostered amongst the community.

New students will be assigned a buddy on their first school day; a fellow student from homeroom who acts as a guide and support to the new student over the first few days at school. We are here to help students assimilate into the Chatsworth community as quickly as they can. 

Within Chatsworth, all students and staff are divided into 3 Houses: Changi, Sentosa and Raffles. Each student who joins Chatsworth will be assigned to a House, with siblings assigned to the same one. Houses are split vertically throughout the school so each House will have Primary, Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary students within it. The house system is used to promote school spirit within all areas of the school. 

From academics to the arts, from co-curricular activities (CCAs) to athletics, from character development to cultivation of compassionate spirit, Chatsworth students will find there are abundant opportunities that they can seize to grow and develop into whatever great person they want to be.