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Chatsworth has a full service canteen that offers a variety of breakfast and lunch options for all dietary needs and preferences. Our canteen operator, The Wok People, works with the school to promote healthy lifestyles, habits and diets for our students. The Wok People is a one-stop solution provider on cafeteria management whose focus is on taking care of 'tummy welfare' with healthy and tasty meals served by friendly service crew.

Junior Years students may purchase food from the canteen during break and lunchtime or they may bring their own meals from home. To promote a cashless system, students are issued a wristband. Money can be added to this wristband on a top up machine located in Reception.

Early Years students can bring food from home or they may purchase food by selecting choices from a menu given at the end of each month noting what will be served in the following month. Parents are then able to prepay for the next month and choose their child's lunches.