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Chatsworth has a full-service canteen that offers a variety of breakfast and lunch options for all dietary needs and preferences. Our canteen operator, Cezars Kitchen, works closely with the school to promote a healthy diet and lifestyle for our students.

Cezars Kitchen started in 1996 with their head office based in the city of Nagoya, Japan. They pride themselves on treating their clients with care while serving them with the best possible products and delivering outstanding customer services. They always uphold their motto of “Made with Love”. Cezars Kitchen is committed to providing safe, nutritionally balanced meals to all their customers across 4 countries in Asia.

Food and Nutrition
The Cezars Kitchen Dietitian together with the Chef & Corporate Executive Chef ensure children's health and well-being remain the top priority. Cezars Kitchen provides safe, nutritiously balanced meals taking extra precautions such as placing highly visible allergy cards on all the food. Cezars Kitchen guarantees that their food is always free from peanut oil, MSG and other preservatives.

Cezars Kitchen offers breakfast and lunch options that vary from Asian, Western or Vegetarian set meals to fulfill every student’s dietary needs and preferences. The canteen also provides a selection of à la carte dishes such as freshly baked items and fruits for students to enjoy. A daily prepared sample of meal is displayed to help students choose a healthy balanced nutritious meal.

Menu for the Month: August 2020

The wristband works as a cash card and money can be added to the wristband from the kiosk located at the reception. A Pre-Order Meals System is available for early year students. Parents can pay for their kid’s lunch and snack orders a month in advance. The food for the pre-order meals will be collected and distributed by the homeroom teachers.

Halal Policy
We ensure all ingredients used in our cooking and food preparation are in 100% compliance with the principles of Halal. For more info regarding the company’s Halal Policy, please click here.

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