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Home Class of 2019 marks first graduating cohort of BT campus

Class of 2019 marks first graduating cohort of BT campus

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Thursday 30th May saw the first cohort of diploma students graduate from our Bukit Timah campus. An audience of about 330 strong consisting of family members, students, teaching and staff members gathered at the Institution of Engineers hall to celebrate with our graduates of 14 nationalities, a key milestone.  

After an inspiring opening address by Mr. McCallum, Campus Principal and Head of Secondary, the graduates received their diploma certificate which officially marked the end of their high school education. The ceremony was enlivened by a number of student performances and Mrs Melis, Head of Humanities Department delivered some heartfelt advice as the graduation speaker. Each graduate has been a valued member of the Chatsworth community and as a community, we shared the joy of achievements of all our students. As Mrs Melis remarked, "Chatsworth graduates carry a unique high school experience which they may not fully appreciate just yet. Our classes are small, diverse and individuality is accepted and respected". On behalf of the cohort, graduate speakers expressed their gratitudes (in a witty and entertaining way) to the teachers and school. A delightful reception in the companionship of loved ones and peers wrapped up the eventful day.

We wish the graduates success as they venture to different parts of the world in pursuit of becoming greater global citizens.