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Monday, May 1, 2017

"Yevan, Yanik and Yevin have been at Chatsworth since January 2016. Our twins Yanik and Yevin were taken under the wings of experienced and caring teachers who welcomed them into their classrooms and helped instil a sense of confidence. The foundation provided in Year 1 has helped them enjoy their schoolwork and learning experience.

Yevan joined the school from a local primary school in Year 4. His teachers helped him gain confidence and he is enjoying his studies. They have helped Yevan to understand the importance of schoolwork and to inquire and understand things for himself. We believe this is an essential skill which can be applied later in life to any situation. Yevan has been racing for two years in competitive go-karting and Yevin has commenced as well this year. Sessions can sometimes be during school hours, but the school is extremely supportive and understanding, ensuring that they don’t miss out on their schoolwork. Furthermore, Chatsworth recently had an assembly to celebrate the achievements that students had outside school. This shows an interest in the students’ dreams, aspirations and achievements within the school and beyond it.

We’ve always known of the school as it’s near our home, and the Chatsworth community is more like a family than a school. The principals happily greet parents and students each morning, there is a supportive family atmosphere, and our kids have grown in confidence and personal understanding.”