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The Phoenix Times

Welcome to our student newspaper, The Phoenix Times!

We have loved watching the evolution of this newspaper over time, in both content and design / layout. The Phoenix Times is a joint project of Primary and Secondary, and is printed several times per year. Copies are available around campus at publication time, and will always be available on this page on our website as well.

We would like to extend our thanks to our teachers and students who are involved in producing these publications.

We hope you enjoy reading about Chatsworth, from the eyes of our students, as much as we do.

Year 2018/ 19 Issues

BT Edition
Jun 2019                          Mar 2019 
Oct 2018                          Dec 2018       
Orchard Edition
Jun 2019                             Dec 2018 

Year 2017/ 18 Issues

Primary Edition
Mar/Apr 2018                  Jun 2018
Secondary Edition
May 2018                            Jun 2018

Year 2016/ 17 Issues

Jun/Jul 2017 Apr/May 2017 Feb/Mar 2017 Jan/Feb 2017
Nov/Dec 2016 Oct/Nov 2016 Sep/Oct 2016 Aug/Sep 2016