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Posted by Spring Magazine on Wednesday, March 1, 2017
"We like Chatsworth because the school is committed to extend flexible support based on the needs of each child and family, and also because the teachers, including the principal, are very open and easy to access". - K.N., Chatsworth Parent それぞれの生徒や家庭のさまざまな要望に対応する柔軟な姿勢と、担任の先生や校長先生にもいつでも相談できる風通しの良い校風が、この学校の魅力です. 詳細はこちらから    Click here for the full article in Japanese  
'One of the things I like about attending Chatsworth is its variety. During my nine years here, I've met all sorts of people from different countries, races and religions. Also, the teachers always manage to make learning interesting'.  - Max Issel, Chatsworth Student     Read full article