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Home Personal Project Exhibition: A Culminating Experience of the MYP

Personal Project Exhibition: A Culminating Experience of the MYP

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Each year, we look forward to the MYP Personal Project Exhibition where our Year 11s proudly showcase the results of their independent research project on topics of their own choosing and share their learning experiences. The exhibition that took place on 13th January 2020 was a great success. 

We are very pleased and impressed with their work and research on a wide array of topics including producing a Minecraft “T.V” show, constructing a bioactive vivarium and exotic pet keeping, creating anti-bluelight glasses, coding a website using HTML and CSS, creating organic make-up, designing an eco-family house with its finished physical model, creating a fashion line through mood boards, creating a vegan cookbook and many more.

The Personal Project is the culminating experience of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme, and its successful completion marks a milestone achievement. The project fleshes out the inquiry skills and knowledge students have developed throughout the MYP years. There is a great scope for creativity and students can tailor the projects based on their passions and interests and used a variety of approaches to explore the topics and present their findings and products. ​

Thank you to everyone who attended the Exhibition and congratulations to all MYP5 students for their excellent work!