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  • Admissions Policy


  • Tuition and Fees

  • Transfers and Withdrawals



    • Transfers between campuses will be treated as a new application pending availability of places at the respective campuses.
    • Transfers are only permitted for a new academic year or new semester. Part or Mid-semester transfers are not permitted.

    Withdrawal and Continuation

    For New Academic Year

  • School Bus


    The school has appointed bus operator Tong Tar Transport Service to provide transportation for Chatsworth families. Tong Tar has been in the bus service industry for over 40 years, providing transport to all sectors in Singapore, including a number of local and international schools.

    The bus operator provides a monitoring service for parents where students ‘tap’ upon entering and exiting the bus and this information is sent to parents via a mobile app. For direct school bus transport, please contact Tong Tar Transport Service at:

  • School Uniforms


    We are proud of our uniforms and strongly identify with it as a symbolic representation of our school and who we are. Students must dress as required and appropriately, at all times. The school's appointed uniform provider is United Uniform Manufacturers and uniforms can be purchased from any of their five outlets below:

  • Academic Programmes

  • Primary School


    At Chatsworth, Primary School caters to students from Kindergarten through Year 6 (Grade 5), ages 3 to 11 and is offered at both Orchard and Bukit Timah campuses. The final year of primary school (or junior years) culminates in a PYP Exhibition, a powerful celebration and showcase of student learning and development.

    Welcome (Orchard Campus)

    Welcome (BT Campus)

  • Secondary School


    Welcome to Chatsworth Bukit Timah. 

    We are a very special campus, in a unique location with outstanding students from all over the world. From our roots on beautiful Emerald Hill off Orchard Road (Secondary) and the East Coast (Primary) to our combined home amidst the lush tropical forest, we welcome you to our Bukit Timah campus!

  • Education Technology


    Technology, the Internet and the World Wide Web are tools and information networks that link individuals, computers and networks throughout the world and in recent years have become more prevalent in educational institutions and learning environments. Simply put, technology integration with an established curriculum is “best practice” in the 21st Century classroom.

  • Library


    Our library is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm, and closed on school and public holidays.