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  • EAL Support


    The aim of the English as an Additional Language (EAL) department at Chatsworth is to focus on improving the English skill sets of those students who study within it, whilst always maintaining and celebrating their own cultural diversity.

  • Learning Support


    Chatsworth provides learning support for students at the Primary and Secondary levels. Needs are met wherever possible within the classroom for students with assessed learning needs. Our Learning Support Coordinator, Ms. Mallach, liaises with teachers, parents, students, and with specialists within the community as appropriate. If needs emerge which are beyond the resources that the school can provide, a more appropriate educational setting will be recommended.

  • Primary Assessment and Reporting


    At Chatsworth, assessment is integral to all teaching and learning. Assessment thoughtfully and effectively guides children to understand concepts, acquire knowledge, master skills and take responsible action on their learning. The assessment focuses on the quality of student learning during the process of inquiry and instruction and on the quality of the products of learning. 

  • Secondary Assessment and Reporting


    Students are awarded a semester grade in each subject, based on the IB 1-7 scale.  These grades are communicated through end-of-semester reports that are mailed to parents/guardians. In addition, a mid-semester progress report is issued shortly before each parent-teacher conference to communicate progress up to-date. For MYP students these mid-semester reports will include levels on the four criteria for each subject; for DP students they will include an overall 1-7 grade. Note that only semester grades are recorded onto a student’s permanent record (ie.

  • Student Services

  • Boards


    Board of Directors

    Chairperson: Chan Kok Siong

    Member: Jennifer Gay

    Member: Tyler Sherwood (Alternate Director to Jennifer Gay)

    Board of Management 

    Chairperson: Tyler Sherwood

    Secretary: Lina Wee

    Chan Kok Siong
    Chan Hua Ming

    Academic Board 2019-2020

    Chairperson: Fang Shelly

    Secretary: Phavana Silva

  • Scholarship

  • Scholarship for IB Diploma Programme

  • Student Services

  • EAL FAQs