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Secondary School


Welcome to Chatsworth Bukit Timah. 

We are a very special campus, in a unique location with outstanding students from all over the world. From our roots on beautiful Emerald Hill off Orchard Road (Secondary) and the East Coast (Primary) to our combined home amidst the lush tropical forest, we welcome you to our Bukit Timah campus!

Education Technology


Technology, the Internet and the World Wide Web are tools and information networks that link individuals, computers and networks throughout the world and in recent years have become more prevalent in educational institutions and learning environments. Simply put, technology integration with an established curriculum is “best practice” in the 21st Century classroom.



Our library is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm, and closed on school and public holidays.

Our Garden Library is a busy, vibrant space that encourages reading at all levels. We do this by building a collection of popular books that students want to read and that support their learning. Chatsworth subscribes to resource for a comprehensive collection of online websites and databases that can assist your child's learning outside the classroom and the bookshelves.

Chatsworth Life


In our friendly and nurturing school environment that provides a right at home feel, Chatsworth value and respect each individual, no matter which part of the world they hail from. Very often, you will hear someone commenting that 'everyone knows everyone at Chatsworth' and this is in part owing to the size of our school but not without the camaraderie that has been fostered amongst the community.



The goal of athletics or sports at Chatsworth is to develop a commitment to lifelong physical fitness, life skills such as teamwork, effective communication and leadership.

CCAs and ECAs


The Arts


Arts at Chatsworth is engaging, vibrant and inspiring!

Excursions and Camps


Student Council


Student Council provides a voice for the Secondary student body at Chatsworth and aims to improve and enrich the daily life on campus. Each homeroom in Secondary elects a Student Council representative. Student Council meets to discuss matters of interest and concern to the students and puts forward ideas for improvements. Student Council organises many events during the school year for students and teachers to come together as a community. These events include but may not be limited to Secondary  events, sleepovers, movie nights and free dress days etc.