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Why I Picked This School: Real Parent Testimonials

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

“We chose Chatsworth for our children for two reasons. First, it is a very personal school. We love it that everyone from the maintenance staff to the principal greets our kids by name and takes the time to chat with them. Because of the school’s smaller size, the children all know each other quite well and they interact among all age groups. We are particularly happy about the way Chatsworth encourages the Year 6 students to plan and take part in activities with their K1 “buddies”. Another advantage of the school’s size is inclusiveness – be it assemblies, the musical, Arts Night, sports or other extracurricular activities, the children are all able to participate. Second, we like the fact that the school is truly international. The range of nations from which our families come is very wide, and this acquaints the children with a broad spectrum of cultures: religion, food, languages, attitudes – these are the benefits that we hoped to gain from living abroad.”

– Claudia Issel, Chatsworth Parent


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